AV Industries

Calzone/Anvil® has many decades of experience in manufacturing cases for the AV/Presentation industry. Contact us today to have one of our design engineers assist with a custom solution for your equipment transportation needs.

For similar cases, visit our Projector and Pro Audio pages.


Our range of case styles and materials address all levels of protection required for your specific display application. Protection for any size and configuration of displays can be manufactured specifically for truck pack as well as lighter weight versions for local transport. Our solutions provide the right case for the weight, size and transport mode your equipment will endure. Included on all cases are recessed handles and latches, a foam lined interior specific to the make and model of your display, and on many of the designs locking casters can be used. Accessory compartments for stands and expendables ensure your protection solution is complete and ready to be deployed upon arrival at the job site.

Multi compartment display cases are often a popular choice for professionals moving more than one monitor to any site.

RackMount Cases

Quick Set-up and Packing for Rackmount Equipment

We offer a wide selection of cases for rack-mounted equipment with a variety of special features. Visit our Rackmount Rails or Rack Cases page for more information.

  • Standard Rackmount Case
  • Shockmount Rack Case
  • Airflow Shockmount Rack System
  • Mixer Mount Rack Case
  • Double-Wide Standard or Shockmount
  • Case-in-Case ShockMount Rack Case
  • Shock IT Rack