Our Calzone/Ascot® Strongbox (a.k.a. “Caddy”) cases are constructed with 3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood that is joined with deep rabbets then glued, nailed and screwed together. The inside construction involves a series of reinforcing braces that are glued, screwed and nailed into position. A Strongbox lid has a special hinge that enables it to be thrown back 270 degrees and lay flat against the back of the case. This is held in place with an arrangement of screws, bolts and T-nuts. Coating the Strongbox with black texturlac finish makes for a great appearance. Note that internally installed 3/8″ T-nuts prevent the stripping of the wood when caster bolts are installed, making replacement of casters easier and more secure. Check out the example pictures and video below. For detailed specifications, click here.

  • 3/4” Baltic Birch construction
  • Rabbet edging creates a strong, unibody case
  • Custom dual hinge allows the lid to lay flat against the case
  • T-nuts make replacement of casters easy and secure
  • Steel recessed handles and latches
  • Heavy duty 4″ x 2″ casters (standard), load capacity 700 lbs. each caster
  • Birch wood construction with texturlac finish
  • Interior painted flat black enamel
  • Tongue-in-groove valance
  • Pop rivet construction
  • Choice of steel corner styles
  • Choice of heavy duty or super heavy duty casters
  • Trap or access doors
  • Card holders and shipping label plates
  • Stacking steel ball corners
  • Aluminum tube or wood forklift skids
  • Internal dividers configured to your specification
  • Custom colors available