Whether shooting a live remote, music video, feature length film or making an A/V presentation, you travel with equipment worth thousands of dollars. Considering the delicate nature of cameras, projectors, recorders, lighting gear, mics, etc., the cost of our case is a small price to pay for a lifetime of protection!


We have been engineering ATA camera cases since the 1950s era of Bell & Howell, Bolex and Kodak cameras, and can provide transport and protection solutions for all the modern film, digital and broadcast offerings. Whether for a camera only package or the entire ensemble, we work closely with you to ensure proper designs and interior layout.

Camera Accessories

The DP’s viewfinder, rods and rails, hand grips, matte boxes and other integral equipment will travel safest in one of our custom designed interiors. We are the industry standard for most cameramen and cinematographers, and have designs for many combinations on file. 


The delicate eyes of the camera require extra special treatment; our precision foam inserts, cut specifically for the lens or lenses which are to be protected, offer superb protection utilizing the various types and densities of foam we have learned work best during our more than 65 years of case building. From multi prime to single zoom lenses, they’ll receive the love they demand when protected in one of our name brand cases. 


Although digital cameras have reduced the use of film magazines, the traditionalist filmmaker still strives for the authentic look of film to bring their creative endeavors to life. We can build single cases for 400’ & 1000’ mags or any multiple you desire. 


We know there are many moving parts to putting a camera system to work on a set. We can help you to organize your equipment to best suit your needs and that of your clients.


Then there is always “The Stuff” which never has a home of its own. With our variety of AKS cases, your stuff will not only have a place to call home, it will be much easier for you to find what you need when you need it!


Calzone, Anvil® and Ascot® cases are second to none, and remain the preferred brands of the largest video rental, trades how, and touring companies in the country. Flat screen monitors have become more affordable, but are still quite sensitive to vibration and shock. Don’t be fooled by low cost, inferior imitations – many of which require you to customize the foam interior yourself! We use only high quality plywoods and a variety of foam materials to protect your equipment. We offer the following styles:

  • Electric Lift Case
  • FL-16 Display Case
  • Standard Case
  • Case-in-Case

Whether on location or in the studio, you can count on our cases to protect your displays, whatever the size! We know how tough life can be on location, so we utilize designs and material choices proven to withstand the most rigorous demands of a location shoot.

Video Switchers

Custom made for your console, we build the best cases for editors and touring video directors. Our switcher cases are available in two styles – strictly transport, and/or you can use it in the case. Give us a call to design yours today! 


Protecting fixtures and bulbs for more than six decades has given us a very intense understanding of how to protect a piece of glass and the fixture which holds it. Today’s LED technology and phosphorus panel systems are very popular for many applications, but lamp-based lighting fixtures are still prerequisites for most film and television shoots.  We have many plans on file specific to the make and model you wish to protect. 


We offer a wide selection of cases for rack-mountable equipment with a variety of special features. Rackmount case styles include the following styles:

  • Standard Rackmount Case
  • Shock Rack Case
  • Airflow Shock Mount Rack System
  • Mixer Mount Rack Case
  • Double-Wide
  • Case-in-Case Shockmounted Rack Case
  • Shock IT Rack

We offer a variety of standard as well as fully customized workstation solutions for the field, ideal for mobile music production, on location film, event photography, military field operations, trade shows and many other applications. Many optional accessories are available, including our patented M.I.C.S.® interlocking case system which converts the case lid to either a free standing table or one which is attached to either or both sides of the case body. We also offer sliding shelves, printer compartments, security compartments, work surfaces and electrical connectors and power strips for a self-sufficient set-up.