Calzone/Anvil® is a proud supplier to medical industry leaders such as AGFA, Siemens Medical, Mitek, FUJIFILM Medical Systems, GE Medical, Stryker, Hitachi Medical, Hologic, Konica, Aloka, Konica, Lorad Medical and Endoscopy Support Services. We have extensive experience in the protection of ultra-delicate medical equipment of all types and sizes.

Demonstration Sample Cases

Medical cases are specially designed with the requirements of the medical industry in mind: safety, security, ease of use and durability. We manufacture specifically designed cases using our Pro-E CAD system to ensure form, fit and function. We also have a complete line of cases for medical and presentation applications including computer cases, electronic rack mount systems and workstations.  In addition we manufacture cases for all types and sizes of flat screen displays.

Mobile Medical and Diagnostic Cases

Medical diagnostic and mobile care facilities rely on Calzone/Anvil Cases to safely transport and deploy a wide variety of expensive testing and medical care equipment. With machines that can cost $250,000 or more, it pays to not skimp on protection!

Ramp Cases

Lift cases, ramp cases, and the EZ Haul rollaway system make using the case easier, and Case-in-Case systems keep your equipment secure. Calzone/Anvil and Ascot® are the best protection money can buy.