Calzone/Anvil® cases can be customized with many options such as casters, exterior colors, interior foam fabrication plus much more. Look below to explore some of the options that can make your case more functional and versatile, then contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Air Circulation

Fans and vents offer additional air circulation when it is critical for optimum case and equipment performance. We offer several sizes for each application.

For more information, see our Air Circulation page.

Case Wraps

The Calzone/Anvil case wraps patented process enables us to embed high resolution images directly into the case material itself. This allows our cases  to carry and display your brand, whether you are a corporate sponsor or a rock band going on tour.

For more information, see our Case Wraps page.


We keep you rolling with our Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty casters mounted to cases with an additional 1/2″ or 3/4″ caster board.

For more information, see our Casters page.


We offer a variety of colors on our cases – from deep orange to our unique Diamond Birch material, our cases will match any decor.

For more information, see our Colors page.

Diamond Plate

Our aluminum diamond plate option offers you a sophisticated look and, at the same time offers superb protection and durability.

For more information, see our Diamond Plate page.

Dog House

Audio specialists depend upon a quick set up and easy load out when supporting a production.  Our Dog House option features full accessibility to the rear of most professional consoles.

For more information, see our Dog House page.

Drawers, Glides & Trays

We offer several options to help store, organize and use your valuable equipment. We offer drawers with foam interiors and fabrication, glides that allow you to setup equipment quickly, and trays that offer a quick work surface for computer keyboards.

For more information, see our Drawers, Glides & Trays page.

Forklift Skids/Donuts

When you need a machine to carry the heavy stuff, we offer several options to make your case forklift ready. For more information, contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

For more information, see our Forklift Skids/Donuts page.


Calzone/Anvil offers a standard design for handles that allow you to easily move your case. We can also custom design handles and place them almost anywhere on your case to meet your specific needs.

For more information, see our Handles page.


We offer virtually endless possibilities when it comes to interior design. We will make your concept a reality with the support of our skilled staff of case designers and interior fabricators.

For more information, see our Interiors page.


With our range of latches and other hardware, you can be confident your case will stay closed and function as required – day in and day out. We also offer a variety of locks as a substitute for latches so that your item can be shipped safely and securely.

For more information, see our Latches page.


From combination to keys, Calzone/Anvil can install a locking latch that fits your requirements. Our locks are heavy duty so that your valuable equipment is secure during transportation or storage.

For more information, see our Locks page.

Miscellaneous Options

We have a world of options to suit your needs. For example, we can install a label plate so you can easily slip in or attach a temporary label for one of your specific projects.

For more information, see our Miscellaneous Options page.

Plywood & Laminates

Calzone/Anvil cases are made with the finest materials and are built in our Connecticut, Texas or California manufacturing facilities. We offer a variety of ACX grade plywood or XLT-1 Polypropylene wall material at 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” thickness.

For more information, see our Plywood & Laminates page.

Powder Coating

Powder coated hardware is standard for all Military Application Cases and Containers (M.A.C.C.®) products and may also be ordered on ATA cases. The purpose of the powder coated hardware is to reduce the possibility of rust and corrosion for cases used in humid and salt/fog environments.

For more information, see our Powder Coating page.

Rackmount Rails

When you design a case, you often want to include front and/or rear standard rack mount rails to securely hold your valuable rack mount equipment. We can install this option in a standard configuration or customize the size to meet your exact specifications.

For more information, see our Rackmount Rails page.

Rollaways (EZ Haul)

The Speedster/EZ Haul rollaway option instantly transforms your case into a self-contained rolling transport case with little effort. Available as an option on select cases, the Speedster features a recessed telescopic handle that locks into place for maximum control while in transit.

For more information, see our Rollaways page.


Utilizing all of the same high-quality materials built into all Calzone/Anvil cases, the addition of a permanently attached folding ramp offers convenient loading and unloading of any type of equipment on wheels.

For more information, see our Roll-In-Ramp page.

Stacking Hardware

We can outfit your case with stacking ball and recessed cup hardware that allows for easy and secure stacking. Using this option, you can be sure that your gear is packed and stored in the most efficient manner possible, allowing for easy setup and tear down.

For more information, see our Stacking Hardware page.


We offer stenciling on all orders, available in black or white ink (up to four lines maximum on two sides). Silkscreens are offered in one color for a modest fee in addition to a one-time set-up and screen charge.

For more information, see our Stenciling/Silkscreen page.

Table Legs/M.I.C.S.

Our Modular Interlocking Case System (M.I.C.S.®) is a unique patented system for case lid attachment. Almost any application can be created with a few easy assembly procedures to turn clamp on lid style cases into field workstations.

For more information, see our Table Legs/M.I.C.S. page.


The Calzone, Anvil and Ascot Case brands offer a variety of standard as well as fully customized workstation solutions for all applications. Ideal for mobile music production, location shoots, event photography, military field operations and trade shows; whatever your application, we can build the right case for you.

For more information, see our Workstations page.