With decades of experience supporting all facets of professional and collegiate sports, Calzone/Anvil® and Ascot® Cases are unsung heroes of the sporting industry. Your team deserves the best; don’t trust an inferior product to do the job. Contact us today to discuss how our custom cases can benefit your organization.

Workboxes & Wardrobe Cases

Calzone/Anvil and Ascot offer the ideal workboxes for all applications. Whether you are in the pit, courtside or on the football field we have the right case for your needs. A wide assortment of optional accessories are available, including table legs in the lids, sliding shelves and our M.I.C.S.® interlocking system. These fully customized workstation solutions are U.S. made, the best in the industry and we build them the way you want them.


Every day the world keeps getting smaller, thanks to today’s electronic and digital equipment, but it still requires superior protection to extend its life cycle. No one knows that better than the systems consultants and installation specialists whose job it is to make sure the equipment gets there in one piece and is working properly. Considering the delicate nature of cameras, projectors, screens, etc., the cost of our case is a small price to pay for a lifetime of protection!

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Equipment Trunks

Our equipment trunks are found at most sporting events, from Auto Racing to the Stanley Cup we are there providing protection. Perfect for transporting everything sports related, we build our cases to be reliable, strong and easy to use. Ensure everything arrives the way it left by using the best cases money can buy – Anvil, Calzone and Ascot.