Every day the world keeps getting smaller, thanks to today’s electronic and digital equipment. With that being said, it still takes 30,000 hard, grueling, and sometimes, dangerous bumpy miles to go around the world!

No one knows that better than the systems consultants and installation specialists whose job it is to make sure the equipment gets there in one piece and is working properly. So whether you’re going around the world or just around the corner, when the question of providing total on-the-road protection for your fragile equipment becomes a major issue, remember, Calzone/Anvil® cases are the best protection your money can buy.

  • Single and Multi Laptop
  • Flat Screen Displays
  • “Plug and Play” Designs
  • Rackmounted Networks / Web Servers
  • Computer / Multimedia Workstations
  • Wide Screen Plasma and LED Displays
  • Projector Cases