For years, customers have commented to our design team, “we love the performance of your cases, but can you somehow make them lighter?” Engineered to provide the strength of traditional plywood laminate cases, XLT is a durable lightweight polypropylene tri-laminate that provides the best of both worlds. Approximately 30% lighter and 100% recyclable, XLT is also resistant to temperature fluctuations. After many years of searching for the proper alternative to plywood, the XLT product has proven itself worthy of wearing the Calzone/Anvil® name, with over 25,000 cases currently in use worldwide. Protecting our customer’s valuable equipment – mission accomplished.

  • Available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness
  • Colors: black or blue
  • Full-length steel piano hinge standard on specific styles
  • Tapered aluminum edging
  • Steel recessed handles and latches
  • Tongue-in groove valance
  • Steel split rivets
  • Steel recess
  • Steel ball corners